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Would You Like Wood Or Plastic?

All of this new technology is booming in the golf industry in the past couple of years; all the way down to the golf tee. If you walk into a golf store, you are bombarded with a wall of different kinds of tees and of all different colors. It can be overwhelming when you are just looking for a little piece of wood. All of the new golf tees promote dropping strokes and/or longer and straighter drives. Here is a brief rundown to consider before being wrapped up in all of the different golf tees hanging on the wall:


First we will take a look at your standard cup tee, the one every person (golfer or not) recognizes. The technology behind these tees has not changed; however, the length of the tees varies to accommodate for almost every club now. There are short tees designed to be beneficial for iron shots off of the tee box. The other extreme are typically around four inches. These can be too long depending on how many cubic centimeters your driver is. Now, manufacturers have been painting horizontal stripes on the tees for a more consistent tee height, much like a measuring cup. This will ensure more consistency off the tee.

Much like the stripes’ purpose, some tee companies have made weird looking tees, or step tees, which have a stopper built in for the consistency in height. They are still cup tees, but thinker in the top end of the tee, with an attached spike area to push into the ground.

Zero Friction Tees is a company that has started using a prong system on the top of the tee to reduce the amount of friction on the tee shot. They have 3, 4 and 5 prong tees that promote this reduced friction which would result in more distance. Using bio-composite materials, Zero Friction has also stressed the importance of the accuracy with their new line of golf tees. Since there is less of a contact area, the tee provides a more accurate shot. Simply place one prong towards the target and swing away!

Many people pull out a golf tee from their bag, but rarely does it look more like a tooth brush. The Brush Tee is made of plastic with many bristles to hold the ball up. The brush tee also helps with a consistent height, but features the bendable bristles that decrease the amount of friction on the shot. With less resistance, the golfer will┬ábenefit from the straighter and longer drive.┬áThe company uses the phrase that it is like “driving the ball off the air.”

Lastly, the Epoch Tees, made of plastic, have radius posts spanning the width of a Dimple on the golf ball. The Epoch tee looks somewhat similar to the zero friction, but do not confuse the two, for Epoch says that this tee has the lowest coefficient of friction. Much like the other tees, the Epoch emphasizes the increase in ball speed (further) and control (accuracy).


So, next time you walk in to grab a bag of tees, do not pull your hairs out with which tee to buy. Many come in with logos of your favorite team, or your favorite color, but all emphasize the increase in driving distance and accuracy on your tee shots! Hit ’em Straight!

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