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Sun Mountain Speed Cart


As a kid, I walked every round of golf I played. My grandfather walked and taught me that walking the course is how the game is played. As I got older, and started playing golf with my friends, we rode in a cart more than we walked. After a while, all we were doing is riding in a cart. I decided one round that I would walk again; I loved it and I hated it. I loved it as it made me feel like I was truly playing a round of golf, I hated it because I wasn’t too happy about carrying my bag.

A buddy and I played a round and rented a speed cart from the course; from then on, I have been hooked on walking again. For my birthday, I asked for a Sun Mountain Speed Cart and I got what I asked for! I have walked every round except one this year, and I have loved every minute of it.

The Speed Cart takes the work out of walking a round and puts the fun and enjoyment back in it. The cart is sturdy and built with quality. It comes with an attachment for the handle that holds an umbrella in case of rain or excessive sun. It also comes with a tire pump in case you get a flat. Both attachments clip cleverly to the cart for storage and easy access. The cart folds up for easy transportation and storage. The Sun Mountain Speed Cart also sports ample pockets for personal belongings and cell phones, ball holders, beverage holders and a handy scorecard keeper.

Sun Mountain also makes a line of accessories that you may want to purchase. There is a specially designed cooler that attaches to the cart to carry drinks and snacks. You can purchase a cool little chair that attaches to the leg of the cart. This is nice when the course is crowded and you are waiting on tee boxes. A few other accessories include a bottle that clips to the cart so you can fill in your divots, an attachment for the SkyCaddie so you can read your GPS with ease and a cover for when the cart is not in use.

If you are looking to walk the course in style and comfort, then check out the Sun Mountain Speed Cart

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