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Rule Twenty One Golf Towel


The Rule Twenty One (R21) golf towel from rulegolf, is a piece of equipment that you don’t want to play golf without. Remember the first time you used a DVR or TIVO to watch TV and you you said “I’ll never watch TV without a DVR!”? And you probably haven’t watched TV without fast forwarding through commercials or recording your favorite show when you weren’t at home. That is the same feeling I had when I played my first round with the R21 golf towel. I won’t play another round of golf without it. Like most golfers, I would take my putter and possibly a wedge in case I was off the green and my wet golf towel when approaching the green. Golf towels aren’t small and they aren’t light when watered down. This stays in my back pocket and eliminates the need for me to take the huge towel to the green.

The towel is made from two different materials. The material on the outside of the towel, does not retain water so you can put it in your back pocket without your pocket getting wet! (this is the red material in the picture) This is a huge advantage over other pocket type ball towels. The inside material is the towel that you clean your ball with. The most astonishing thing that I noticed while using the R21 towel is that the inside material kept wet for most of the round. I usually have to wet the Ballzee cleaner two-three times per round. I only wet the R21 at the beginning of the round. At the top of the towel is a clasp/weight that helps the towel stay in your pocket. The clasp opens so you can throw the towel in the washer when it gets too dirty.

The R21 comes in various colors to suit any style you wish. I know that once you use the R21 golf towel, you won’t use any other towel to keep your ball clean and your putts on a straight line.

The cost for an amazing piece of equipments? $10!

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