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Properly Fixing Ball Marks

Repair ball mark

Superintendents around the world would agree that the majority of golfers do not know how to correctly fix a ball mark left on the green. You know when your ball hits that delicate area and leaves a big divot? Those should always be fixed by the golfer.

Repair ball markWith the bent-prong shape of most ball repair tools, the typical belief is that you simply dig in on one side of the mark, and lift up. Well, when you see all the dead spots on the greens, this is the process that the golfer took when they went to fix their mark. This process pulls the roots from the dirt, causing the grass to die.

Obviously it looks very bad when dead spots pepper the green of a par three. No golfer wants to be putting over these marks. So how exactly are you supposed to fix them?

When you find your ball mark, begin by using your finger to gently push down the raised part of the mark. Use your divot repair tool to insert on each side of the ball mark. Instead of lifting upward, simply pull or push the tool inside toward the indentation. Continue until all sides are repaired, then press down with a flat surface, or your ball.

It is a very simple process to help maintain golf courses as the golfer. Working at a golf course, I see it all. However, one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing someone either leaving their ball mark, or fixing it incorrectly. Understand that it can take nearly three weeks for an incorrectly fixed ball mark to heal when it can be healed by the next day.


1. Press down on raised part of divot

2. Insert ball repair tool outside of mark

3. Pull grass in toward indentation

4. Continue until all sides are pulled

5. Use pressure to flatten out surface.

1. Insert repair tool on outside, and lift up to even out.

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