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‘O’ Beam Putting Aid


We all want to be better putters. Who wouldn’t like to shave a few strokes by making more putts? Bad putting could result in any number of reasons: stance, wrists, shoulders, posture, mental approach and the list goes on and on. The ‘O’ Beam putting aid was invented to minimize head movement, allowing a better stroke through the impact zone. Having the ball in the correct position and keeping your head still are two keys to making more putts. This is a great training aid because it allows for instant feedback. Once you have the ball in the correct position and you stop your head from moving and/or moving too soon, you will instantly notice better putts.

I used to be one heck of a putter, but recently, I have been three-putting quite a bit which lends itself to high scores and high frustration levels. I tried everything to try to get back to the putter I used to be. I looked at YouTube videos and spent countless hours on the putting green trying to figure out what I was doing wrong; and that’s when the ‘O’ BEAM came into my life.

I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical to use this device at first inspection. It is a small device that clips to the bill of your hat or visor. Once turned on, a red ‘O’ laser is emitted from the device. However, all my skepticism went away when I began practicing with the ‘O’ BEAM. It took me two putts to find out that I was looking up to see my putt just before I hit the ball. I was shocked. However, I started practicing with the ‘O’ BEAM and was able to get a level of confidence when I stood over a putt. However, I was unsure how this new found awareness was going to translate to the course. I was able to tell myself to think of the ‘O’ BEAM and keep my head down through impact.

There is one small downside to using the ‘O’ BEAM. Since it’s a laser, it is difficult to see in direct sunlight and shouldn’t be used in the middle of the day. To put this to the test, I tried using it in several different lighting conditions. I used it in the morning, the evening, high noon, late afternoon etc. The only time I really had difficult seeing the laser was right at midday. It worked perfect at all other times. I found that the best location to use the ‘O’ BEAM is on a putting green that is shaded. This is optimal outside conditions. After I discovered that the ‘O’ BEAM was my cure for a golf sickness, I started practicing at night in my living room, which has perfect lighting conditions!

There are a lot of training aids on the market. Most of them are geared towards beginners. The ‘O’ BEAM is perfect for any level of golfer and can/should be used for as long as you are a golfer. Before a round, I head to the practice green to try and get a sense for the speed of the greens. Once I have a good sense of the speed, I clip on the ‘O’ BEAM and putt a few times as a reminder to myself to keep my head still.

‘O’ BEAM was created in 2008 by O’Keefe, Director of Instruction for Hampton Golf, when she observed that many of her students were experiencing improper setup and excess head movement while putting, preventing them from establishing the foundation for an effective putting stroke.

If you are a new golfer or are having difficulties on the green, give the ‘O’ BEAM a try. To find out more about ‘O’ BEAM, check out their website . This link is not an affiliate link and I DO NOT make any commissions or get compensated in any way.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must mention that the ‘O’ BEAM was sent to me free of charge to use. I was under no obligation to write a review but did so after using the product. This product may or may not work for you. It worked for me which is the reason I wrote a review. I will not write a positive review of a product unless I feel confident endorsing it. Again, I DO NOT make any commissions from the sale of this product.

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