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No More Golfers Tan!

Golf tan

Its on the verge of Spring 2014 and everyone has it on their mind… especially here in Colorado. The winter has made them ghostly pale and they are supposed to be at the beach in a month, or maybe even in┬áthe next couple weeks for Spring Break. People resort to the tanning beds that are ever so controversial.

Golf tanWell, if you can last the next month or two with that pale skin, golf season can help you. Everyone worries about the dreaded “Farmer’s tan”, or as I like to call it, my golfers tan. This picture was taken a year ago (un-photoshopped) in August. There is now a┬ácompany that has provided us with clothes that those “rays” can shine through and keep you tan without making the definitive lines from your golf shirts. Yes ladies, for you as well.

CoolTan Tan-through shirts has developed a technology that is thin enough, yet durable enough to allow sunlight through the clothes while still being socially acceptable to wear in public. They call this fabric, Microsol. It is claimed to be like wearing a medium strength sunscreen.

Cooltan BlackSo you may think these shirts have to be expensive, or not very stylish since they are a newer company. Its not going to be as comfortable as my Nike polo, or my Adidas polo. Think again! These shirts look even more comfortable, like wearing nothing! The breathable fabric performs like the newest technology from your brand name golf clothing manufacturers. And better yet, you won’t be paying $60 for that logo. the CoolTan shirts are affordable at just $45.

If you are looking for a shirt that will give you that nice tan all summer while you are out on the course, CoolTan has that for you. Visit CoolTan Shirts for your new golf shirts, or visit the CoolTan swimwear. They offer a wide range of styles for swimwear as well. Enjoy your golfing season!


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