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Golf in Schools

Personally, I have always been supportive of introducing the game of golf to the younger generation and children to get them started playing, much like soccer or baseball. It allows for the child to become familiar with etiquette and the basics of the game to prepare them for junior tournaments. In addition, you can play golf for an entire lifetime! Very few sports allow you to practice or play when you reach past 60 years old. Now, advocates are pushing for many of these ideas!

The PGA Golf in Schools Program is looking to introduce the game to school-age children but include the life skills that are associated with it. So who is advocating for such an opportunity? The Colorado PGA, the Colorado Golf Association and the Rocky Mountain Golf Course Superintendents’ Association. The ultimate goals of the program are to not only introduce the game, but to use the game of golf to make the student a better citizen, focusing on sportsmanship, integrity and respect.

PGA professionals begin by giving instruction at the school. From there, the professionals take the students to a golf facility where they can apply their new understandings in the actual setting of a golf course. With the help of the superintendents at the facility, students will learn new science elements that are relative to a golf course. Being a practicing teacher myself, the benefits of this program will reach into the students’ academic success due to the relativity to one of their life experiences.

Essentially, students will be using the game of golf, a realistic experience, to learn more about themselves. They will be learning about implementing quality attributes to their daily lives. And the best part? IT IS FREE TO BOTH THE SCHOOL AND STUDENT! Private donors and corporations are the main supplier for allowing this program to happen. A thank you to the Colorado Open Golf Foundation, The Colorado PGA Foundation, and the Allied Golf Associations of Colorado for making this program work!

Follow this link to the webpage that will provide more information, and also the documents needed to begin the program in your school!

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