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Free Golf Resources!

Nike Golf features a website called The Grind for all level players! It is an excellent way to improve your game in many different ways, all available for free at the click of a mouse. The grind provides interactive ways of measuring your game, as well as giving tips for every golfer. The Grind breaks up your game into Training, What’s in your bag, and Comparing Swings

Under “Training,” you will find instructional video clips that can help your swing, or keep you in shape. The Grind has separated the videos into the following categories: Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Mental Tips, and Training. Videos include sneak peaks at the routine workouts of many professional golfers who are currently on tour. Yoga exercises introduced in some videos ensure flexibility for the most controlled, powerful swing. And, since every golfer does it, Nike has provided videos to decrease negative thoughts after hitting a bad shot. Instead of bringing the rest of your round down, you can now focus on the upcoming shot with confidence.

Have you ever wanted to compare yourself to a professional? Is your swing as good as theirs? Now you can upload a video of your swing for The Grind to compare! It is as simple as uploading the video, and clicking compare. The Grind will compare to all Nike Golfers and you can even compare to your friends! When you are confident enough with your swing, just click the Facebook icon to upload to share with all of your friends. All very simple!

Lastly, update the clubs you have in your bag. Feel free to take a picture of your bag and upload that too!

Sign up now with Nike Golf and begin building a community of golfers!

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