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First Tee of Denver

Many programs are popping up to benefit young golfers and help them stay with the game of golf. Many of these programs are emphasizing the importance of being a better citizen through many values that can be learned by playing golf.

First Tee of Denver looks to mold young golfers into members of society. The program’s main goal is ” to educate and inspire youth academically, socially, and physically through the game of golf.” First Tee focuses on helping students in urban areas in the inner city. Many of the children in those areas have never even heard about golf, and it is First Tee’s mission to provide the proper basic instruction to these kids so that they have a sport to play for a lifetime.

Though the program is based around the game of golf, the boys and girls who participate are able to bond with others, form friendships and learn how to be respectful, confident, honest, responsible and demonstrate sportsmanship. It has also shown a dramtic increase in social skills and the students’ academics.

The First Tee of Denver has two programs, “Read n’ Swing” and “Club Building” which have helped students use their personal experiences to connect to their academics. Students read with mentors and staff, and those who demonstrate good behavior are rewarded with a golf activity (playing the junior course, receiving lessons from a PGA professional or play in a small tournament. There comes an incentive for the students to read, but they are also introduced to people other than their teachers who help emphasize the importance of reading.

Club Building helps students as they make their own golf clubs. In a sense, this program is designed to implement Math and Science skills in a real-world context. Students will have this experience to build from in their academic future. Students use measurements to design the club length as well as the weight of the club head. And what is one of the most important things about this program? The clubs are not hand-me-downs. The student can take ownership for what they have made!

There are a plethora of programs that students can enroll in, including summer programs. for more information about these programs and registering, click here. For those who do not have an eligible student, but would love to help the program, there are many options for donations.

You can also particpate in upcoming events that benefit the First Tee of Denver:
10th Annual Triple Play Tournament
June 4th at City Park Golf Course. It is an 8:00 am shotgun with 3 different formats. Entry fee of $125.

Help inner city students enjoy the same game you play!


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