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Dawgs Golf Shoes

Golf Dawgs

Dawgs golf shoes are hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever played golf in. There is no disputing that fact. Every time I wear them (which is most of my golf outings), at least one person says “are those Crocs?” Well, kinda. The idea is the same, however, these are golf shoes! If you own a pair of Crocs, then I don’t need to explain how comfortable these are.Weighing in at a mere 7 ounces, Dawgs are lightweight and so comfortable.

The first round that I wore these, I also brought along my traditional golf shoes in case I didn’t get the same performance I was used to. To be honest, I didn’t expect to get great performance out of Dawgs. I mean, c’mon, they are sandals. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased that Dawgs delivered great playability. Not once during the round did I slip or have a bad shot cause by improper footing.

I tested the Dawgs wearing socks with them for a few rounds and no socks for a few rounds. I don’t think there is that great of a difference in regards to playability. If you choose to wear socks, make sure its a dry day or your socks will get wet. There are several ventilation holes that water can easily get through.

There are several features that I would like to point out that I think make Dawgs a great golf shoe. The first is that they are easy to slip-on and secure to your foot with a velcro strap. This strap is adjustable for both comfort and size. The previously mentioned ventilation holes keep your feet cool and help your feet from sweating. There are 9 strategically placed spikes on the bottom that lend to the outstanding performance.

As with most products, there is a down side. If you play like me and end up in the bunker, you will have sand in your Dawgs when you exit the trap. The ventilation holes all easy access for the sand. I found it quick and easy to slip the Dawgs off, get rid of the sand and then quickly slip them back on.

I expected comfort, but I didn’t expect performance and playability. The Dawgs are great golf shoes. They are comfortable and fun!

Dawgs Golf offers two different styles and multiple colors for both men and women (see images below). They also offer more traditional sandals made from the same comfortable materials. Check them out and play in comfort!

Mens styles (Spirit on the left and Ultralite on the right) and available colors:

Womens styles (Spirit on the left and Ultralite on the right) and available colors:

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