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Bender Golf Gloves

Yellow Bender Glove
Bender Gloves

There are only two pieces of equipment necessary to play golf; clubs and balls. But let’s be real, no one uses just clubs and balls. Bags, golf shoes, hats, ball markers, divot repair tools…the list is endless. There are golf products being introduced into the market everyday. Some of them are novelty items, most are gimmicks. There is one golf item that has stood the test of time, and something that I consider to be a necessary piece of golf equipment…the golf glove.

Not everyone uses a glove, but it’s a key to ensure a consistent and reliable grip on the club for every shot. I’m happy that gloves are relatively cost effective, because I go through them often. I think this is true for most golfers that wear gloves. The palm is usually made from thin leather and it wears out quickly and a hole appears. Not any more! Enter Bender Gloves…

Bender Gloves is a family owned and operated business that started from the kitchen table of owner’s Bryan and Erin. They set out to create an affordable, high quality, functional and “cool” glove and they have succeed at every level.


It’s hard to gauge the function of a glove via pictures, but I was impressed the moment it came in the mail and I put it on. The glove has an elastic band around the wrist area as well as along the fingers. The glove isn’t as long, meaning doesn’t go up your hand/arm, as what you are probably used to. I thought this might be a little weird at first, but during the course of my first round, I found that I actually like the shorter length better.


Bender Gloves are priced at $14.99 which is right in line with all of the gloves on the market. I think Bender provides a greater value due to the quality of the glove and the coolness of the glove as compared to competitors.

Yellow Bender Glove


You will not find a higher quality glove on the market. I can’t make that guarantee, but it is the highest quality glove I’ve ever used. I’ve used the glove for seven rounds and the glove is as good as when it first arrived. All of the seam stitching is still perfect and there is no wear around the palm area due to Bender Gloves unique cabretta reinforcement. As you can see in the picture, the glove has an additional piece of fabric on the palm. I believe this will at least double, if not more, the life of the glove.

Cool Factor

Every glove on the market is a boring plain white. Bender has broken all the rules when it comes to the look of the glove. The glove I chose is yellow and I think it’s awesome. I am the only person on the course with a yellow glove, and that is awesome. If you take a look at their store, you will see they offer gloves in a bunch of different colors. They offer a white glove if you prefer the classic look.

I had the chance to speak with Bryan Bender about his company and product. I really enjoyed the conversation we had about how his company started, why he started his company and the products that they offer. His passion for the game of golf and his glove is apparent and infectious.

I highly recommend Bender Gloves over any glove on the market. Check them out, buy a glove and let me know what you think of it!

Bender Gloves provided me a glove for review. I am not compensated nor required to write this review, all opinions are genuinely my own.

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