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Back pain limiting the amount of golf you play each year?

I understand, you see back pain ads everywhere: the newspaper, magazines, and all over the internet. Two years ago, my hip bone shifted which caused inflammation to my sciatic nerve, one of the bigger nerves through the back. The pain extended from my lower back and down into my thigh, often resulting in not being able to get out of bed without excruciating pain.  This injury to my back suspended my golfing for at least 2 months, though it felt like 2 years.  I spent hundreds of dollars at a chiropractor, but it was only a temporary fix. I then spent money for a massage therapist, but again it was only a temporary fix. Then I was introduced to the inversion table! After, maybe, 4 times of using the inversion table for no more than 2 minutes, my back has had very few problems. Though it can cause fear as you hang upside-down only by your ankles. I owe my healthy back to the inversion table and would highly recommend it for anyone who is limited to the amount of golf that they can play because of pain in the back!

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